Non-Invasive R.F Lipoplasty (LipoTron-3000/Adipo-Tolysis)

What is Radio Frequency- Assisted Lipoplasty ( RFAL )?
Conventional liposuction is the invasive cosmetic plastic surgical procedure to remove pockets of fat that has not responded to diet and exercise. Also, Invasive liposuction was not intended as a means for weight loss or obesity treatment.

RevecoMED introduced a RF deep endogenous dermal heating method that provides all the advantages of a deep thermal increase to remove subcutaneous fat (cellulite) , visceral fat at the same time.

Lipotron-3000 is a revolutionary Radio Frequency Assisted Lipoplasty (RFAL) System to offer a noninvasive procedure substituting traditional lipo-suction. This procedure has no downtime, side effect, fatigue and maintenance.

Who is a good RFAL candidate?
1. An individual who has already tried diet and exercise but have problem areas of excess fat in specific areas, such as hips and buttocks, thighs, inner knee, back, abdomen, upper arms, cheeks, jowls, breast/chest area, and waist.
2. People who don’t want to undergo invasive liposuction surgery.
3. Obesity patient who is abnormal weigh range (BMI over 30)
4. People who had a liposuction surgery and need maintenance
What is treatment procedure and feel like?
The treatment procedure is like thermal therapeutic massage which is very comfortable to patient and operator. No anesthetic material. No contradictions.
During the treatment procedure many people feel little or no sensation at all. Some people feel a tingling or warm sensation under the applicator or electrodes. This feeling usually decreases or disappears after a few hours as the person becomes used to the sensation. This sensation can vary depending upon the site being treated.
How many treatments do I need to get good result?
Depending on the individual’s amount of fat the number of sessions are vary.
The physician will evaluate before and during the treatment. Based on clinical study total amount of fats removed per 5 treatments is about 3000 CC. The physician will decide additional sessions after 5 treatments. One treatment takes about 45-50 minutes and twice a week is recommended
5 Sessions in 3 weeks
Weight ( LBS)
Abdomen Circumference (inch)
Fat (LBS)


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